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Disease Information : Thrombophilia : Risk Factors

Thrombophilia : Risk Factors

What are the risk factors for Thrombophilia?

It has been estimated that 50% to 70% of the DVT and PE events that occur in patients with an underlying inherited thrombophilia are triggered by risk factors. These are known as "situational" or "provoked" clotting events. Even though patients with thrombophilias may suffer from "idiopathic" or "unprovoked" ("out-of-the-blue") clotting events, most of the time they occur during or immediately after the person is considered to be high-risk for DVT and PE. Such high-risk situations include, orthopedic or other major surgery, bed rest during hospitalization for a medical problem, immobilization in a plaster cast for a broken leg, use of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, cancer, obesity, pregnancy, and very long airline flights.

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