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Disease Information : Post-Thrombotic Syndrome : Symptoms

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome : Symptoms

What are the symptoms of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome?

Typical symptoms of PTS include leg pain, aching, heaviness or tiredness, swelling, cramping and itching. The number and type of symptoms may vary from person to person. Symptoms tend to get worse when standing or walking, and tend to improve with rest and leg elevation. Clinical signs of PTS that may be seen on the leg include leg edema (swelling), brownish skin pigmentation, bluish discoloration of the leg/foot/toes, especially when standing, formation of new varicose veins, dry flaky skin (eczema), hardening of the skin and leg ulceration (typically above the ankle bone on the inside of the leg). PTS usually develops within the first six months after DVT, but can occur up to two years after the clot.

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