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Disease Information : Post-Thrombotic Syndrome : Risk Factors

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome : Risk Factors

What are the risk factors for developing PTS after DVT?

It is difficult to predict which patients with DVT will go on to develop PTS. Nevertheless, several factors have been identified that appear to increase a person’s risk. These include larger and more extensive DVTs (i.e., those occurring higher up in the leg veins), obesity in patients and having another DVT in a leg with a previous DVT. Older age and poorer quality of anticoagulation (medication used to keep the blood from forming clots)* for the initial DVT may also be risk factors. Recent studies also indicate that persistence of DVT symptoms and signs at one month after the blood clot are associated with a higher risk of developing PTS.

*(i.e., INRs that are too low in the initial few months of therapy)  International Normalization Ratio (INR) is the standard unit for reporting the clotting time of blood.

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