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PAD : Walking Progress Logs

A walking program is the key to successful treatment of PAD.  In order for you to track the progress you make as you walk, we have created "Walking Progress Logs."  Each "Walking Progress Log" has slots to write in the date, starting time, ending time, total time, number of stops to rest, route or distance walked, and comments, thoughts or problems you may have about the walk.  Simply print out whichever style works best for you and record your progress.  You can save your logs in a binder in order to see your progress over time.   

Learn how to start a walking program for PAD. Download our "Focus on Walking Brochure" today, or contact us to receive your free copy at 888.VDF.4INFO (888.833.4463).

Click on the links below to view the walking logs and print them:

  Walking Log 1

      Two Weeks listed on One Page: a concise way to record your walking

  Walking Log 2

       One week listed on a page vertically: prints out like a regular page

  Walking Log 3:

       One week listed a page horizontally: prints in a landscape (horizontal) style, allowing

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