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Disease Information : Chronic Venous Insuffiencency : Symptoms

Chronic Venous Insuffiencency : Symptoms

Symptoms of CVI

Varicose veins may be entirely symptom-free and cause no immediate health problems. However, when varicose veins are associated with CVI, the most common sign is ankle and foot swelling that progress up the lower leg. Other skin changes in the lower leg that commonly occur include discoloration, eczema, scarring or hard, thickened skin, and ulceration.

When symptoms are present the most common are heaviness or fullness, aching, restlessness, tiredness, fatigue, pain, throbbing, burning, itching and muscle cramping. In advanced cases, breakdown of the skin may cause bleeding from varicose veins, and large varicosities may develop blood clots, a condition called superficial phlebitis or thrombophlebitis. If you experience any of these symptoms, talk with your doctor. Don’t ignore these symptoms.

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