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Buerger’s Disease : Resources

VDF has a number of additional educational resources available on Buerger’s Disease.

Newsletter Articles

Spring 2003 - FAQs (page 3)

Summer 2002 - Buerger’s Disease: Not from Eating Hamburgers — Patient Profile (pages 1 and 6)


None at this time

Downloadable Patient Sheet:

NEW! You may now download the information from this Web site about Buerger's Disease in PDF format.

*This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Clinical Trials:

None at this time


For more information about Buerger’s Disease, please visit:

Johns Hopkins University

The National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD)

Vasculitis Foundation

Find a Vascular Specialist in Your City:
Some of our professional organization partners will let you search their database of qualified vascular specialists.

The Society for Vascular Medicine Physician Finder by State.

The Society of Interventional Radiology offers a “Doctor Finder” by Specialty.

The Society for Vascular Surgery offers a service called “Find A Physician” by State.

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